At Kindle Education, we believe that a new model of school is required to meet the demands of the 21st century. Each morning starts in small groups where learners set personalized goals with the support of a caring adult and a team of peers. Throughout the day, youth collaborate to explore various learning pathways, solve complex problems, and craft meaningful projects in pursuit of their goals. Our curriculum emphasizes core academic disciplines as well as holistic, whole child development.

Over the course of each year, our school community partners with the larger Jersey City community through change-making initiatives designed and led by youth. By the time they graduate, learners in our intentionally diverse community have the purpose, individuality, and community necessary to successfully navigate the world and build a better future.

All curriculum and student data will be housed in an online learning platform, giving students and families access anywhere, at any time. Classrooms will be supported by full-time tutors who work alongside teachers to provide personalized support.
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